Basic Motorcycle Insurance Coverages

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    basic motorcycle insurance coverage

    Motorcycle insurance is required for anyone who has a motorbike or plans to buy one soon. It helps people to cover the costs of any riding related damage or injury. Besides, unlike cars, motorcycles are easier to move without keys, which means that they are potentially at high risk of theft. Therefore, to protect your bike and ensure the safe ride for your passengers you need to get motorcycle insurance.

    There are various types of coverages available on the market, and the options can vary from one state to another. However, the most important thing before buying any policy is to understand the level of coverage you need. If you can’t decide which policy to choose, our 1 & Only insurance agents are always ready to help you with that and give their professional advice.

    Basic Motorcycle Insurance Coverages:

    Bodily injury & property damage liability (BI/PD)

    It covers the damages to other vehicles, property as well as injuries to other drivers and their passengers in case you are at fault. This might also pay for legal expenses if you are sued.

    Comprehensive & Collision Coverage

    It pays to repair or replace your motorcycle if another vehicle hits you or when your bike gets stolen. It can include damage or loss due to vandalism or falling objects, as well as natural disasters including fire, storms, and flooding.

    Uninsured or Underinsured Motorcycle Coverage

    Uninsured motorist insurance helps to protect you against drivers who don’t have insurance or lack the money to pay for the injuries and damages caused to you, your passengers or your motorcycle. This coverage can have different requirements from one state to another.

    Medical Payments

    It pays for your or your passengers’ medical expenses in case you’re in an accident, regardless of who is at fault. It includes ambulance rides, x-rays, hospital visits and other medical procedures.

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